We help a farmer in Armenia

Year 9 have made another loan, this time to help a woman called Izaura who lives in Armenia.

 Izuara in her fields

Izaure in her fields.

Izaura lives in Haytagh village with her husband and his family. Her father-in-law works at the local village municipality and the other members of the family are involved in farming.
They own a plot of land where potatoes and some greens are cultivated. Lets hope she does a little better than we managed in the school garden this year! As that plot of land is too small for gathering a big enhough harvest, Izaura's family also rents some land. Now, so that they can start the cultivation process of that land and purchase potato seeds, Izaura has applied for this loan. It will be a huge help for the family's farming business as it will allow them to continue their successful farming activities.