Woodfield makes @Kiva loan No: 46 to Yemen

Year 9 have made another loan, this time to help a woman called Atika who lives in Yemen.

 Atika in her clinic
Atika in her clinic.


Atika is a 37-year-old single woman, living with her family in Hodieda, Yemen in her own house. She had studied at elementary school, and now she is an employee in the health office in Hodieda. She could accumulate an amount of money in order to improve her family income by opening a clinic in her house and purchasing medical materials and requirements for a small clinic. Unfortunately, due to a lack of enough money, she is unable to meet the high daily demands of her clients, so she applied for a loan of 200,000 YER from AMB in order to purchase more medical materials and requirements. She looks forward to opening a large clinic in her home, and also she hopes to provide her family with better living conditions.