Woodfield makes @Kiva loan No: 49 to Kyrgyzstan

Woodfield have made another loan, this time to help a woman called Gulmira who lives in Kyrgyzstan.


Gulmira is 30 years old, married, and has three children. She has worked in farming and animal husbandry for over 12 years. Gulmira has been able to develop her business to the point where she now has four cows, 40 sheep, and two horses. Her husband is happy to take an active part in helping Gulmira with her business. Gulmira's monthly profit comes to about 15,000 som (KGS).

With the goal of further developing her business, Gulmira is using the loan to buy sheep for breeding and increasing the size of her herd. Gulmira plans to use the profits from the loan to expand her business still further.