February Sports Fever at Woodfield

Woodfield School held their 3rd Half Term Sports Day on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th February for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils. 16 pupils attended the Sports Day with teaching staff from the school and @_Greenhouse_ staff assisting. Pupils took part in a number of activities including football, dodgeball, tennis, scooters and Multisports.

The day started with the pupils being split into 2 teams so they could compete against each other throughout the day in a series of activities. Team captains; Bruno and Michael had to mentor and motivate their team and get as many points as possible to beat their opponents.

Head Coach Dan O’Brien from @_Greenhouse_ “We added a competitive element to the sports day to improve pupils thinking and physical skills throughout the day; this worked really well as they pupils discussed tactics and got really into the activities.”

After Lunch the pupils went outside where they could play on the scooters and trikes, pupils raced against each other and played tag games. This was a great way to engage with the pupils after lunch and improve their coordination and balance.

Woodfield Teaching Assistant Dan Woodroffe said "This is my third time helping out with the sports days; this was definitely my favourite as the pupils got really competitive which was really fun.”

All students who attended the Sports Day received their own Greenhouse T-Shirt and certificate for their hard work and achievements.