9LJ London Zoo Trip

We all made our way into the Zoo, excited about what animals we were going to see, and learn about them.

We took a group picture with the gorilla! Which even though was a statue, it was the same size as a real one!

This did not put us off entering the Gorilla habitat.

We were also brave enough to go into the Tiger territory, although some of the tigers and lions were on holiday as they were having a new home built at the Zoo.


We saw a tortoise that was over 100 years old!! And into see the butterflies. We walked around the aquarium looking at different fish all shapes and sizes!

It did not stop there as we also entered the Amphibian and reptile house! ...and did you know a clip from one of the first Harry Potter films was filmed there!

Before lunch we went to the Amphitheatre and had birds flying over our heads, we also got to see meerkats.

Once we had finished our lunch we went to watch the penguins being fed and listened to a zoo keeper as she told us about some facts.

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