Woodfield Christmas Concert

The Woodfield Christmas Concert was held on the afternoon of Monday 12th December. We were treated to performances of music, song, drama and dance. Pupils had worked on these in their Music, Drama, English and Dance classes over the term.




We kicked off with Mrs Emmerson getting everyone jumping by belting out ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree', and followed up with KS4 Drama doing an experimental ‘movement’ piece, which was fabulous. We then caught the Year 8 Dancers and segued into the KS4 Dance group.




Both Year 9 classes put on a fantastic excerpt from the Shakespeare Play ‘Romeo + Juliet’. Many in the audience thought this was one of the best efforts at Shakespeare seen at Woodfield.




Songs and music followed, with Shannon singing & Kajipa accompanying her on drums, Year 8 SLO doing ‘Stand by Me’, Year 7SHU performing ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’, Iljon playing keyboards, the KS4 Music group performing ‘The Final countdown’ with Ralph on drums and we finished off with Virginia leading the school in a rousing rendition of All I want for Christmas is You!




Thank you to the parents who attended, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and the pupils would like to thank all of their teachers, especially Mrs Emmerson, Mr Hunt and Miss O’Donnell for organising the concert.