Main Reception Area Building Work

Main Reception Area Building Work

Our school is undertaking the redevelopment of the main reception and lobby area over the second half of summer term and into the summer holidays. Whilst this work is taking place there are a number of changes to our procedures over the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition for the start of the next half term.


There will be no access to the current main reception area from today, Thursday 18th May. Woodfield reception will be temporarily located in the sixth form from this date. All visitors to the school will need to report to the sixth form entrance, as the main entrance will be out of use.


Parents and Taxi escorts will be requested to wait outside the 6th Form entrance for pupils to be signed out by members of our staff.


Independent Travellers from KS3,4 and 5 will be required to sign out in The Zone in sixth form and exit school from the playground as normal.


During the refurbishment period, car parking spaces will be extremely limited. The current pick up and drop off points will be replaced by disabled parking bays. Parents/carers will not be able to wait in their cars on the school site for pupils during this time. If you are collecting your children please ensure you park on nearby residential roads and walk into school to drop off and pick up your child.


The best options for street parking are Glenwood and Parkfield Avenues, Hillway or Kinloch Drive as indicated in pink on the map below. Avoid parking on the kerb or in front of a driveway as this may result in a parking fine. The school will take no responsibility for any fines incurred.


We appreciate your support during this time. The school will keep you informed on any updates.