Booking Forms

Parent Teacher Meetings for December


These meetings will be held over two evenings, Wednesday the 6th (for Key Stage 3) and Wednesday the 13th (for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5) of December from 4pm - 7pm. The meeting time will finish promptly at 7pm, so make sure you arrive early enough to visit all the teachers you want to see. If you arrive at 10 minutes to 7, you will only be able to see a maxium of one teacher.


On Wednesday 6th December, the meetings are for parents of pupils in Key Stage 3. Parents and carers of pupils in base classes (i.e. KHE (Miss Henry), LMU (Mr Murray), SDE (Mrs Deorukhkar), 7ICR (Mrs Crosbie) and 7SHU (Miss Hussain)) can use the links below to book a time for a 20 minute interview with their child's form tutor using the link to their child's form class booking form below. Other teachers (for subjects such as PE, Music, Art etc) are available for 10 minute interviews on a first come first serve basis.


Parents and carers of pupils in year 8 and year 9 can visit their child's subject teacher for a 10 minute discussion on a first come first served basis.


On Wednesday the 13th of December, meetings are for parents and carers of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 pupils. All these meetings will be for 10 minutes of a first come first served basis, except for pupils in MDM (Mrs Del Moral) class. Parents and carers of pupils in MDM class need to book a 20 minute interview slot via the link to the booking form below.


For those parents making an interview time booking, there is a tiny possibility of an appointment slot being double booked if bookings are made in the same second. We will contact you if this has occurred and arrange an alternate time that suits you.


If you have any problems, please contact the school office for assistance..