Egypt Partnership

Pupils at Egyptian school  Teachers from Woodfield and Egyptian School

Partnership School:
School Name: Woodfield School - Participants Paul Talbot and Kelly O’Brien
School Name: El Selehdar Prep & Secondary Sports School
Address: 5 Galal EL Don El Desouki St. El Saba Omarat - Heliopolis
Name of Principal: Mrs. Hoda Motawea
Age of pupils: 12 to 18 Number of pupils: 478 Number of staff: 93

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School visits – Outcomes

UK school initial visit to Overseas partner school:

·         Establish the school linking partnership and develop an effective way of working

·         Share information with the partner school on:

-          Strengths in each school

-          Priorities for development in PE and sport and whole school

-          Outcomes each school wants to achieve from the programme

·         Produce a joint draft development plan by the end of the visit, through focussed discussion and agreement on key priorities for development

·         Establish an effective communication strategy to maintain the momentum of your partnership

Overseas school return visit to the UK partner school:
  • Continue to develop an efficient and effective way of working to support the sustainability of the partnership
  • Re-visit and confirm an agreed communication strategy
  • Finalise the key objectives of the joint DP taking into account the strengths, priority areas for development and expected outcomes of each school
  • Submit a final ‘hard’ copy of the joint DP for sign off by British Council at the final review meeting

    Outline of plan

    Woodfield School:

    Development of trampolining for girls to improve self-esteem and confidence in mobility, balance, co-ordination which will help improve confidence in all PE lessons.

    Young sports leaders (YSL) build confidence and self-esteem through leading sports in school and local sports festivals which empowers them to become future mentors.

    Enabling e-learning to empower YSL to provide safe instructional demonstrations.

    Partner School:

    Development of broader sports curriculum – empowering TOPS program to develop YSL to deliver multi sports in the curriculum

    Development of gymnastics for girls; enabling e-learning to empower YSL to provide safe instructional demonstrations to  be delivered to SEN pupils

    Upload and maintain content on website

    Create a new El Selehdar Sports School website to enable e-learning to promote the school both in local and broader community.

    • Improving High quality PE through sending girls to local leisure centre after school once a year