This is a practical based course where learners experience a range of skills required  in maintaining plants, tools and the ‘growing environment’

Learners have the opportunity to experience work placements as part of an ongoing project linked to the Prospects Career Cluster and Skills Funding Agency. Woodfield School is working with City of London Open Spaces and Hampstead Heath Trust as a 'Green Talent' project. THis project provides experiences for learners in real situations working with professionals on a weekly basis.


The program includes:

Employer led: designing and making seasonal Christmas Wreaths using natural found materials, collected from the surrounding Welsh Harp

Employer led session on school site –

Tools and their maintenance, practical activity including Health & safety

Off site visit to CofL green space Hampstead Heath

‘Scrub Bashing’ practical session leading to conservation work within the environment

Employer led: Construction of bird feeders using recycled materials leading to enterprise based project for Curriculum Enrichment program. To be developed in line with RSPB Big School’s Birdwatch

Employer led: Preparing containers for planting bulbs, what are bulbs? Selecting for planting, wild bulbs for Spring Recycled containers eg wellington boots, old watering cans

Off site visit to CofL green space

Water around Hampstead Heath, recycling water, pond dipping, water drip feeders

Employer led: Planting out, winter tidy up – returning to tool maintenance, wormery and composting

How Hampstead Heath deal with composting/waste/recycling

Alternative: Queens Park / Golders Hill

Off site visit to CofL green space


Off site visit to CofL green space

Fencing on the Heath, maintaining memorial benches, Health & Safety, early spring maintenance pathways and clearing

Employer led: Planning for planting a bed – use of seasonal templates, Q&A what, when, where?

Off site visit to CofL green space (focus TBA)

The importance of insects in horticulture, looking after the bugs, pollination. Visit to the Secret Garden. Handy bug hotels.

Employer led: Small Project-Retail – enterprise containers with spring bulbs

Off site visit to CofL green space

London’s Square Mile gardens – visiting a small selection to inspire final project - Orienteering exercise/treasure hunt for planting and feature

Employer led: Based on peace gardens/memorial parks (previous visit) learners create a pupil/teacher flower wall using skills learnt whilst fencing (timber work) and planting containers

Off site visit to CofL green space

Golders Hill Park – animal studies in the park; deer, rare and exotic birds and mammals such as laughing kookaburras, ring-tailed lemurs and ring-tailed coatis.

OCR Units undertaken:

E01 Insert plant material

E02 Caring for plant material

E03 Preparing and  planting a site

The learners also gain AQA certification as the course proceeds