Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form


The Key Stage 5 (Post 16) curriculum provides a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities that prepares our learners to be successful independent young adults in which they can approach future challenges with excitement and confidence.

Our provision aims to provide our learners with a balanced curriculum that gives them the opportunity to gain external accreditation, undertake vocational learning, experience work related learning and develop independent living skills.


Learners follow a programme that stretches them, prepares them for adulthood, and supports their progression into work or further study. Our programme features academic learning, vocational study and personal development.


The aims of the 6th Form are to:


  • accredit our learners with external accreditation

  • provide a variety of opportunities that develop learners’ knowledge, understanding and applicable experience in higher education and the workplace

  • provide support and guidance for individualised pathways from year 11, KS5 through to Higher education

  • provide a culturally enriched environment where learners experience and celebrate the diversity of modern British culture

  • provide a welcoming and stimulating environment where students feel safe, valued and inspired to achieve at their highest capacity.


We are constantly looking for ways to adapt flexibly to the changing demands of modern society and ensure we offer a curriculum that enables our learners to compete placements successfully when the time comes to leave us. As such our curriculum is constantly in development.


We have recently redesigned our curriculum delivery to encompass a more vocational experience and introduced a base class for our more complex learners.



The teaching in KS5 is highly individualised. In designing a personalised curriculum for each learner we adopt a holistic approach. Strengths and the needs of the individual learners are taken into account in setting targets, facilitating learning, developing teaching approaches and through discussion decide on suitable pathways.


The Sixth Form Team use a range of approaches of formative assessment to collect information, evidence and plan for each learner.


Core Academic Learning

All learners have programmes of study that offer appropriate learning opportunities in the areas of English, Maths and PSD. The timetable delivers discrete lessons in Literacy, Maths and ICT and through the enrichment and vocational offer communication is integral with elements of numeracy being delivered through practical life skills activities such as shopping or travel.


All learners have individual learning plans which are reviewed termly with parents/carers and the tutors using the Provision Map which combines their social, emotional and academic needs. These also are linked to their annual reviews ECHP and SIMS. Learner’s final Annual Reviews or EHCP Reviews are prioritised within the autumn term to allow action plans for transition to be put in place suitably early

Subject leaders and teachers collaborate to set targets for each learner. At the beginning of the academic year teachers set predicted levels of achievement based previous attainment and baseline setting. Targets are set annually as part of the learners’ annual review and based on the overall objectives as well as parental views.


Our Vocational learning and option programmes aim to provide our learners with the opportunity to explore a range of vocational areas and supporting them to further develop their skills and interests and aspirations in a safe and secure setting.

The courses on offer include Catering, Horticulture, Cycle Maintenance, Hair and Beauty and Independent Living. All are linked into external accreditations including AQA and OCR. Learners spend two full days of the curriculum timetable which provides a practical ‘hands on’ approach to the subjects. During the vocational program, learners are expected to visit communities, retail environments and meet people in the workplace to gain a wider understanding of the world of work. Within the delivery of the vocational course learners will have opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of literacy and numeracy in everyday situations and complete OCR communication and Numeracy units.

All learners will have access to work related learning in the form of work experience. Woodfield School 6th Form works with Brent Work Experience Partners to find, establish and link our learners with work experience placements throughout the year. It is the aim of the 6th Form to provide each learner with either one or two full days placement for a whole term in an environment that is associated to their individual Vocational Educational pathways.


Our Offsite learning provision is linked to the College of North West London (CNWL) and Harrow College. Year 13 and Year 14 learners attend practical courses in carpentry and textiles delivered via the Wembley Campus by specialist lecturers experiencing a full day of college life, learners either travel independently or use public transport supported by our support staff. Year 12 attend practical art and craft courses delivered within the Harrow College Wealdstone Campus.


Our KS5 curriculum has embedded enrichment opportunities in creating community events  - charity fundraising coffee mornings, enterprise activities to support KS5 curriculum subjects, our new and developing course ‘Learning to Do’ that provides learners to have practical experiences in everyday situations related to an independent lifestyle.

Physical Education helps us become Healthy Adults. The Sixth Form has a progressive Sports Development programme which aims to promote lifelong healthy living.


Year 12 learners have a sports afternoon at school where they take part in a wide number of physical activities and some undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards. Some of this learning may involve going out to community sports facilities as the year progresses.

Year 13 learners are given the opportunity to attend sessions at Aspire Sports Centre for Leisure and Fitness in Stanmore. Here they have the opportunity to choose to take part in a number of activities including swimming, aerobics or working out fitness centre.

Year 14 learners travel to Vale Farm one of the sports centres in Brent and use the gym facilities as part of their sporting enrichment.


Throughout their time in KS5 learners follow transition programs which supports further education college placements, internships and work related learning.

Woodfield School 6th Form works very closely with Connexions, Heads of HE Colleges and the Brent and Barnet Careers Cluster to enable and enhance our transition program. Learners follow an individual transition pathway throughout their time in KS5. Regular meetings with our Connexions advisor, parents/carers and the learners enable informed choices, time plans and specific visits to community providers and colleges; Harrow, Stanmore, Westminster Kingsway, EHWLC (Ealing, Hammersmith, West London College), Barnet and Southgate, West Herts, City of Westminster and West Thames College.


Additional Needs - Supplementary Curriculum

As appropriate we meet the diverse additional needs of our learners using our specialist facilities and trained staff and have access to outside agencies: NHS physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapy, Drama Therapist and have developed close relationships with Brent CAMHS and the Kingswood Centre.



The Sixth Form has expanded in 2015 to accommodate the increase in learner numbers and their needs. We now have dedicated rooms where a range of subjects are taught:

Green Room - Sonia, Cobalt tutorial Base

Portacabin - Ruhul, Indigo tutorial Base

Room 9 - Dan, Marina tutorial Base

Room 15 - Anaeka, Teal Base Class

Room 16 - Amy, Sky Base Class


In each of these teaching spaces there are ‘break out’ zones consisting of 4 reception style seats and a coffee table, they can be used for differentiated discussions groups, time out space or independent working spaces.

Each teaching space has access to either desktop PCs and/or laptops.


The Hub is the administrative base for the Sixth Form and all communication is through there.


The Sixth Form has its own dedicated space outside with an all-weather pitch, outside sports equipment and a range of benches and seating for eating and talking as well as some well-appointed Sixth Form toilets.

The Zone

During the summer holidays the common room went under some major changes after many years of being used as a classroom, facilitators room for the teaching school and when available used for Sixth Form learners as a social area.

There is a kitchenette where learners are able to prepare morning breakfast and refreshments, break and lunchtime snacks and when required provide tea and freshly made coffee for guests.

With a new sofa bed and laundry annex, The Zone allows learners to experience independent living skills by keeping it clean and tidy.

More seating has been added to cope with the increased numbers of learners in the 6th form, creating a relaxed atmosphere especially with the addition of cubed seating and the large scale bean bags.

For that quiet time, reception chairs arranged around coffee tables allow learners to catch up with the latest news and gossip in weekly magazines such as Hello and TV Times; or for a time to chat.

The Reception area is now a place to sit quietly, reflect and prepare for the next stage of the day.

For those requiring a more active time, the Zone now boasts a professional football table, wii, air hockey and a pool table, a great opportunity to spend time playing in teams in the championship pool competition.

The Zone also provides a welcome space, that hosts meetings, parent groups, community fundraising, college showcases, pathway and career advice drop-ins.


Our results from previous years can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. and 2016.












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