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No Pens Day Wednesday Report!!

9th of October was No Pens Day Wednesday @ Woodfield! How much can you get done without picking up a pen!

No Pens Day Wednesday is a national speaking and listening event run by The Communication Trust. This day encourages schools to put down their pens and focus on learning through speaking and listening. The aim of the day was to see the positive impact on all pupils and using speaking and listening in learning.


 No Pens Day Wednesday in action


Communicating happens everywhere, at home, at school, in work places and in social situations. It was great to see creativity in the area of teaching and learning. The pupils in maths learnt about weight in measuring different items around the class.



Some pupils travelled to Paris in their humanities class. During all these fun activities, there was lots of talking between peers with teacher support and guidance.


A big thanky you to Mrs Williamson for organising, all the staff for their hard work and to all the pupils who showed how much you can get done without a pen for a day!


See some photos of the day in our gallery!