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Tag Rugby World Cup

Mr O’Brien has been in Australia representing Great Britain in the 2018 Tag Rugby World Cup. 

There were 22 Countries taking part, including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Samoa, Cook Islands, Malta, China and Japan. 

Mr O’Brien’s team, Great Britain, made it to the World Cup Final. Unfortunately his team lost against Australia who are the number one team in the World. Great Britain were awarded silver medals for finishing second overall. 

Here is how Mr O’Brien and the Great Britain Tag Rugby team won their silver medal. 

Group Stage

Great Britain v Malta 10-2 (Win)

Great Britain v Ireland 2-5 (Loss)

Great Britain v NZ Samoa 11-4 (Win)

Great Britain v New Zealand 5-2 (Win)

Great Britain v Cook Islands 14-2 (Win)

Great Britain v Australia 0-7 (Loss)


Quarter Final

Great Britain v China 5-0 (Win)


Semi Final

Great Britain v Ireland 5-4 (Win)



Great Britain v Australia 1-5 (Loss)