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The Art and Design room offers pupils a wide range of facilities for working in a variety of approaches and materials. It has been designed to meet the challenges of a modern technological world. The room provides opportunities to experience a full range of art practices. There is an ethos of a working studio where work is displayed at all stages of completion and for critical analysis.

There are 4 networked stations, connected to the school network, 4 laptops which have wireless connections to the school network, Smart IWB and projector; these are connected to a colour laser printer for high quality work. An A3 flatbed scanner allows pupils to develop on going designs which can be digitally converted. The use of digital photography is used extensively within the department and a range of cameras are available for pupils to use; 2 Nikon DSLR’s, 4 Panasonic Lumix compact cameras, Panasonic HD Video Recorder and two Flip cameras. The department also provides traditional SLR cameras for black and white photography.

The department offers superb image manipulation facilities utilising a number of programs:

2D Design v2, Photostudio 5.5, Robo Master, PE-Design Next,  Magic Grid, Serif Works, in addition to network programs.

As a department there is a strong emphasis on basic traditional approaches to creating art. Within the art department the room has a flatbed printing press for lino and block printing, portable kiln, 2 A3 light boxes, facilities for multimedia sculpture including plaster and wire construction.  

Textiles – Batik kettles, screen printing, sewing; 4 Brother sewing machines