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Challenge Partnership

Woodfield School is a Senior Partner and a hub leader in the Challenge Partnership – a group of over 70 schools distributed throughout England which believes that the route to school improvement lies in a collaborative approach between schools.

Members of Challenge Partnership commit to:


  • Increase our students’ performance

    • Increase performance in public examinations at a rate considerably higher than the national average

  • Create more outstanding schools

    • Increase the number of Partner schools that are outstanding and meet the Teaching School criteria

  • Enable all schools to improve

    • Improve schools’ Ofsted rating and National College school-to-school work designation at a considerably higher rate than the national average.

    • We aim to have no satisfactory teachers in our schools.

  • Develop a world class, self-improving and sustainable system

    • Develop internationally the concept of effective collaborative learning between schools and contributing to national research and policy making