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Current Covid Situation

Provision of work for pupils during Covid 19 Pandemic 

Update Feb 26th 2021: For our 'reopening plan', please read this news article

For Parents
Please find below a list of our expectations for our staff during online learning and the support we would like from yourselves as parents. 
We fully understand that this is not an easy time for parents. You are not teachers and have many other home life responsibilities and for many, work commitments that you are trying to carry out at home. 
We would like to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and support over this period. 

What to expect from us at Woodfield School. 


  • To ensure each pupil is as safe as possible in their homes and receiving the pastoral support from us they normally would if on site.
  • To ensure all staff feel connected to their teams and are making positive contributions to the learning experiences of our students.
  • Parents will be contacted weekly to ensure that the pupils’ are doing well and to support them with any issues that should arise. Teachers will log all contact on our School Pod system and any inability to make contact as well as any issues will be reported to their line manager for follow up. 

Virtual learning:

  • Families will be provided with a timetable of sufficient learning activities for pupils at home which will include times for virtual face to face learning. 
  • We will fully support families to access online learning through Google Classrooms
  • To endeavour to  increase the engagement levels and interaction of all students in the virtual learning environment.
  • Provision for all pupils to access at least one face to face Google Meet per day with their class team.
  • Provision for all pupils to access live, small group lessons per day with either a teacher or an LLA. 
  • The curriculum as it stands should continue to be followed, with exception of learning activities that can only happen in school due to onsite facilities.
  • Work linked to accreditations will continue with support from the subject specialist and assessments in core subjects (English, Maths and PSHE) will continue to go ahead. 
  • PLP sessions to be scheduled with parents and be completed by 29th January 2021
  • Work will be sent home for pupils waiting for devices or choosing to not attend virtual sessions. This will be the same work that the other pupils have on google classroom. 

Expectations of Therapy and Behaviour Support Teams 

The Therapy and Behaviour Support teams are continuing to work with students on their caseloads as well as supporting staff with resources and ideas where needed. 

Free School Meals
The administration team will email FSM vouchers to families. These will be printed and sent home for those who do not have a printer. 

Support we would like from families


  • To be contactable on a weekly basis. This can be a mutually agreed time to ensure calls are answered. If you have a missed call from the school, please email the class teacher to arrange another time. 
  • To be honest and transparent with regards to any help you may need. 
  • Contact your teacher or the school if you have any questions. 

Virtual Learning

  • To ensure that the weekly timetable is understood and followed as much as possible.
  • To maintain a “school week” routine as much as possible. 
  • To have your son/daughter up and ready for the start of their virtual school day. 
  • Engagement and support with online learning and if needed,  attendance at the sessions. 
  • Work to be sent home and returned to school in the event of technology issues. Work must be sent back to school for monitoring and assessment. (This can be hand delivered to reception, photographed or emailed) Please ask your teacher how they would like to receive the work. 
  • Help us in the assessment process by letting us know if your child does not understand the work being set.
  • To ask for help if needed. 

When we return to on site education, we will continue to  ue the protocols we have developed to maintain as safe an environment as possible for all members of our community. Please read through the documents and contact the school if you have any questions.

 Our aim is to minimise close contact as much as is practical. We have split the school into three 'bubbles'. Our curriculum until half term has been changed to reflect the different circumstances. 

 As the dining hall will not be in use, snack and lunch arrangements have changed. The school will not be able to provide a morning snack, so we ask parents to provide their child with a snack if they choose to do so. Please refer to the documents below for more details regarding snacks and lunches.

 We urge parents to review the healthy eating guidelines in regard to the snacks, drinks and lunches they bring into school. Please note we are a nut free school.

 Until further notice, drinking fountains etc around the school are out of use. Please ensure your child brings in a bottle of water clearly labelled with their name. If your child is bringing in a snack or lunch, please ensure any containers are clearly named. There is no refrigeration of foods possible, so bear this in mind when you are preparing food for your child.

The general government advice for Covid 19 is updated here.

The Guidance for Parents and Staff on the reopening in September 2020 is here.

An outline and rationale of our Recovery Curriculum and a description of "The Phoenix Project" can be viewed on our Curriculum Page.

If you have any questions regarding the arrangements, please contact Patsy Hudson or your child's form tutor. (Form Tutor and teacher contact details are here)

A document outlining our planned provisions in the event of partial or full closures can be downloaded below.