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Extra-Curricular Sport Clubs

Woodfield School currently run daily breakfast, break and lunch clubs for all pupils in partnership with Greenhouse Sports. In the last academic year, we provided breakfast sport activities to 56 pupils, with 76 pupils attending a break and / or lunch club. (An average of 15 students per day)

The clubs develop pupil’s Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) skills in a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment. It is a great opportunity for pupils to socialise with peers and keep fit during the school day. Activities include: Football, Dodgeball, Tennis, Handball, Basketball, Cricket and Multi Sports.

Woodfield School also deliver 2 girls only clubs, and provide activities for the 6th form students. This creates further opportunities for pupils to engage in physical activities during the school day.

In addition Woodfield School offer a holiday scheme for all pupils, with programmes in place for February, Easter, summer and October. Dan O’Brien facilitates the holiday scheme with additional support from the school and Greenhouse coaches.

The scheme was put in place for pupils to take part in a variety of activities during the holidays. The general feedback from pupils was that they usually watch TV, play video games and are bored at home. The scheme allows pupils to socialise and provides them with opportunities to attend famous sporting venues such as Olympic Village, Wimbledon, and Sky Sports Studios.

Since the scheme was launched in July 2014, 887 hours of activities have been provided to 68 pupils with over 1/3 of those numbers being female.

If you would like to know more about the extra-curricular clubs or holiday scheme at Woodfield School please contact the school and ask for Mr O’Brien.