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Financial Education

Financial Education is embedded into our curriculum. All pupils take part in this which is a cross curricular approach where Financial Education is covered in many lessons. We ensure that all pupils are able to develop their financial capability through meaningful experiences and support life skills.

Centres of Excellence

Woodfield School is part of the Centres of Excellence programme which recognises and rewards schools who are committing to, developing and continuing excellence in financial education in their own school and beyond.

Vision Statement

We strive for all our pupils to become successful learners in all areas, in preparation for adulthood. They will be challenged to make educated choices and decisions about financial matters. Each pupil will develop their financial capabilities through meaningful experiences to support their learning. All pupils will be better equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare them for pathways to further education or employment. This will develop independence, confidence and management of risk and success in an ever-changing world.

Here are some websites for you to support your children learn about Financial Education