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Graphical Design


During the project pupils will:

create an artifact which uses the theme of alphabet as a starting point. Pupils responses should be individual and explore new techniques and approaches
Project -‘Alphabet’ – graphic lettering
Pupils explore different font styles
Pupils produce a design using selected font style, initials of name in Microsoft word document
Explore and experiment with grouping, copy and paste tools in program
Pupils utilise print outs to develop painting skills and knowledge in primary, secondary, tints and hues
Pupils using a grid system and view finder select and create an abstracted painting
Pupils create a series of A4 and A3 acrylic paintings which develop painting skills and knowledge
Selected examples of colour work in sketchbooks with reference to artists – abstract, those who use lettering in their work etc.
A1 painting which has been abstracted from previous studies

Pupils will then select area of painting for scanning into Magic Grid program. The outcome of creating a repeated pattern will be used in the sublimation process

Look at reference material on Contemporary artist

Use Internet to search artwork, print examples and put in sketchbook

Find 4 examples of lettering used in paintings

Collect examples of work by Jasper Johns, Jim Dine and Andy Warhol
produce an observational drawing of a select letter font
produce a series of studies using different  materials
be able to scan an image from their drawing and develop it using a computer program
make changes to their work as an ongoing process
transfer skills from one technique to another
talk about their work to others using correct terminology
know and describe the materials they have used
for pupils to describe tessellation and give an example
know how to create a repeat pattern using computer program
know the term metamorphosis and give two examples

Assessment Objectives

Record observations

Use a scrap book collection to assist with ideas for work
Talk about their work as it develops
Explore the colour tones
Selects material appropriate for the task
Selects tools appropriate for the purpose
Use simple computer drawing package
Change the colours in a pattern on the computer
Use a variety of materials in a simple way
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Identify the successful parts of their work
Name materials and methods used in their work
Cleans up material
Cares for tools and materials
Describe different categories of art:- painting
Identify some common materials used to produce categories of art
Identify some techniques for using common art tools and materials
Knows that artists create portraits, still life and landscapes
Works with a regard for safety