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Hair and Body

Learners at the end of the units are able to perform two different types of treatments – hand care treatments and facial treatments. These include: Facial massages and facial make over, nail polishing, nail art and hand massage.

Development for 2018-19

Enterprise; sourcing and planting range of herbs for ingredients enabling the selling of beauty products via TVS shop and WFD Fair

These include bath fizz bombs, assorted essential oils and herbal soaps.


Learners explore and experience a range of practices that develop skills in communication, organisation and preparing to work with clients.

They will undertake theoretical and practical tasks to introduce them to training in hairdressing and nail care.

Within the program learners are given the opportunity to visit salons, beauty product providers and experience work placements linked to the qualifications.

Linking with The Village School, Woodfield School 6th Form learners give weekly sessions in nail art.

We aim to:

  • Provide learners the experience of basic techniques within this sector.
  • Provide learners with opportunities to visit hair and beauty salons.
  • Allow learners to demonstrate and recognise how hair and beauty can be considered as an expression of individuality.
  • Provide learners the opportunity to explore their own interests within the hair and beauty sector to allow for further progression.

Examples of units of work that pupils will undertake include


In successfully completing this unit the student will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Take instruction from the session worker on the format of the hand and nail care sessions;
  • Learn new skills and how to use specialized hand and nail care equipment and materials appropriately under instruction from a trained professional;
  • Practice correct use of given session equipment and material, with assistance where necessary;
  • Carry out a full basic client manicure, with assistance where necessary;
  • Carry out a client forearm and hand massage;
  • Carry out at least one basic nail treatment on a client, e.g. apply a coat of polish;
  • Give a client appropriate advice on hand and nail care;
  • Assist on at least one occasion with the set up or clean up for a session;

Shown knowledge of:

  • at least three health and safety requirements when working with professional nail care products and equipment;

Acquired an understanding of:

  • The need for appropriate preparation and hygiene when carrying out hand and nail care on a client;
  • The importance of appropriate client care, interaction and reassurance;


  • Learning to use professional hand and nail care products under appropriate supervision

UNIT 2- NAIL ART: 75615

In successfully completing this unit the student will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Employ methods of working to ensure own health and safety and that of other students;
  • Prepare the nails by applying a base coat;
  • Apply the first color to the nail plate;
  • Apply the second coat to the nail plate;
  • Design at least two nail patterns using different styles and colors;
  • Apply a topcoat to seal the work.


In successfully completing this unit the student will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Perform a manicure;
  • Perform a pedicure;
  • Perform a facial treatment and a makeover;

Shown knowledge of:

  • When a manicure is required and how often the treatment should be repeated; The procedure for performing a facial treatment;
  • At least two benefits of waxing compared to plucking and shaving body hair;
  • At least two benefits of a pedicure and the importance of hygiene of the feet;
  • The importance of performing a skin test to check for allergic reactions on the skin from chemicals in beauty products;

Taken part in:

  • a discussion about the importance of health and safety when using chemicals on the skin and the importance of hygiene of the hands and feet.