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The aim of KS3 is to provide an enjoyable, comprehensive and relevant foundation course giving pupils the confidence to work safely, skilfully and independently in all art contexts. The pupils are introduced to the basic skills, processes, materials and terminology used to create different artistic outcomes

Pupils are encouraged to build on familiar techniques and traditional creative methods but also challenge themselves to widen their skills by investigating some of the very exciting opportunities that new technology presents.
Develop a visual awareness;
Provide opportunities to use art to record feelings and express creative imagination;
Develop visual vocabulary;
Understand the visual elements of colour, texture, line, tone, pattern and shape form in order for them to effectively express themselves through artistic means;
Develop mastery of a range of tools, media and processes;
Develop critical abilities and an understanding of cultural heritage;
Acquire artistic skills and techniques;
Develop their ICT capabilities;
Develop their capacity to evaluate their own and others' artistic endeavours.