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Key Stage 5

.Vocational Education

Vocational options cover two days a week, allowing learners a greater experience of vocational learning and extending accreditations. Each option is carefully chosen to meet the learners’ ability with the main emphasis of achievable targets. Differentiation is the main priority to enable learning.

Learners are able to transfer their classroom skills to a mock simulation of world of work through teacher expertise. This helps learners learn valuable life skills and prepare them for work experience. There are high expectations of the learners. Lesson objectives are differentiated for all learners to access the lesson. Teachers provide next steps for learners where possible to further differentiate learning. 

The planning is prepared for each lesson to ensure each strand from the award is covered and there is on-going progression.  Mid Term plans are held centrally and discussed with Ho6F during KS5 weekly meetings.

Vocational Educational Log books implemented to track progress assess learners understanding and provide evidence of achievement.

A Vocational feedback session has been mapped into the Vocational curriculum delivery to develop an understanding of each Voc Ed discipline undertakes and a ‘sharing’ assembly each week allows learners to share what they have been learning that week and produce presentations, practical activities and demonstrations that reflect their practice.

Teachers are aware that Vocational Education is a practical course. Each teacher is responsible for planning a ‘hands on’ experience to deliver their vocational option. This is regularly monitored. Over the 40% Vocational learning time, teachers are expected to plan related visits to work environments, meet with professionals and expose learners to the wider community linked to their specialism. Each vocational option plans an off-site visit / activity to expose every learner to the real life working environment. This further promotes help skills that are valuable both in and out of school.