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Music is taken by all students from year 7 to year 9, and selected students for year 10 and 11 who undertake a GCSE Music qualification.
Within the first three years, the aim is to introduce the students to music forms from all around the world.   In this way, the students are exposed to music from other countries and cultures and are able to develop respect for that which is different, both musically and culturally.  In addition, the students learn basic practical points - the elements of music, rhythm, melody.  They are exposed to a variety of instruments, both culturally specific to the different genre’s we explore, and general instruments that are used across the board.  Each student will play a host of percussion instruments, drum kit, keyboard, guitar and xylophone within their time in Key Stage 3, not to mention singing a range of songs.

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In Key Stage 4, the learning becomes more academic; learning involves theory, practical and historical aspects of music.
In music, we aim to have fun while learning about the music of the world.  In singing and playing instruments in front of each other, the students learn to have confidence in their ability.  It is a safe space for the students to experiment with different instruments and learn the value of different cultures while having great time in the process.