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Pop Art

This project will further develop understanding and skills the pupils have previously gained. It builds upon their knowledge of materials, artist and approaches to thematic ways of working. Pupils use a wide range of materials to create different pieces of two dimensional works based on an artist work. These will include; oil and chalk pastels, watercolours drawing inks and use computer programs to generate repeat patterns. Pupils will look at the work of Contemporary Artists develop skills and approaches which include grids, enlargement and the use of mixed media

Below are some final outcomes of the project; T shirts printed using a combination of scanned work and Sublimation Printing



During this project pupils will

Look at reference material on Contemporary Artists
Use Internet to search artwork, print examples and put in sketchbook
Find 6 examples of Selected artists work
produce a series of studies using different  materials
scan an image from their drawing and develop it using effects tools in computer program
make changes to their work as an on-going process
transfer skills from one technique to another
talk about their work to others using correct terminology
know and describe the materials they have used
for pupils to know how to create a grid enlargements
know how to create a repeat pattern using computer program
describe differences in selected Artists work
know the term Pop Art and give three example

Assessment objectives

Record observations
Collect visual material to assist in development
Talk about their work as it develops
Experiment with line and shape using a range of media
Selects material appropriate for the task
Selects tools appropriate for the purpose
Use simple computer drawing package
Begin to use colour and tone to communicate ideas
Combine and organise colour, shapes, pattern and texture using mixed media
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Identify the successful parts of their work
Name materials and methods used in their work
Cleans up material
Cares for tools and materials
Describe different categories of art:- painting
Identify some common materials used to produce categories of art
Identify some techniques for using common art tools and materials
Knows that artists create portraits, still life and landscapes