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Staff Contacts

Below is a list of contact details for teachers and the Key Stage/Year Leads.

Key Stage/Year Leads

January O'DONNELL Key Stage 3 Lead

Suneeta DEORUKHKAR  Key Stage 4 Lead

Suneeta DEORUKHKAR  Key Stage 5 Lead


Akmal MAQSODI Form Tutor KS5 AKM Class

Aletheia MASHIRI Teacher of Horticulture

Amy KEMERIDIS Form Tutor KS5 AKE Class

Chetna PATEL Form Tutor KS3 CPA Class, Head of Voc Ed KS4

Deepa VEKARIA Head of Art & Technology

Dolores GONZALEZ Form Tutor KS3 DGO Class

Harlie LEVISON Form Tutor KS3 HLE Class

Jo EMMERSON-FISH Form Tutor KS5 JEM Class, Head of English & Drama

Joan MOORE Form Tutor KS4 JMO Class, Head of PSHE & Humanities

Kerry RICE

Form Tutor KS4 KRI Class
Louise JANSEN Form Tutor KS5 LJA Class

Lucy NICHOLLS Head of Science

Maria DEL-MORAL Form Tutor KS4 MDM Class

Maria WARDROP-DAY Form Tutor KS3 MWD Class

Michael MELLOR Head of PE

Rashmi RAGHVANI Form Tutor KS3 SHU Class

Renu SINGH Form Tutor KS3 RSI Class

Ruhul AHMED Form Tutor KS5 RAH Class, Head of ICT

Sandie WEINGARTEN Form Tutor KS5 SWE Class

Saphira HUSSAIN Form Tutor KS3 RBE Class, Head of Maths

Sharon RODRIGUES Form Tutor KS3 SRO Class

Silvia MARQUES Form Tutor KS4 SMA Class

Sonia HENDRICKS Form Tutor KS5 SHE Class

Sonia LODHA Form Tutor KS3 SLO Class

Tania VILIKKO-SEFTON  Form Tutor KS4 TVI Class