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Stained Glass/Sublimation


In this unit of work the pupils will investigate different types approaches, techniques and materials when learning about ceramics and stained glass windows. Pupils learn to use the scanner, import and develop images using different art programs. Also they will learn to develop ideas to create a stained glass window based upon the previous artists’ transcription. To produce a repeated design that can be applied to selected sublimation printing processes such as a T shirt or a ceramic mug

During the project pupils will:

look at reference material on selected artist, ceramics and stained glass including the internet, DB Primary and visual resources
produce designs using Grid Magic art software program and apply them to selected different outcomes
give examples of objects that are porous and non-porous
be able to recall items that are constructed in ceramics and give their different functional attributes
be able to work in a variety of mediums
be able to convert a design into different materials and approaches
use a range of wet materials to develop a piece of work
be able to develop images for sublimation printing that can be applied to assorted articles
be able to convert a design into different materials and approaches

Assessment objectives

Record observations
Make sketch of ideas
Use a scrap book collection to assist with ideas for work
Talk about their work as it develops
Use different drawing medium to produce different line
Use different drawing medium to produce different textures
Combine different materials within their work
Use more than one technique within a piece of work
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Identify the successful parts of their work
Name materials and methods used in their work
Cleans up material
Cares for tools and materials
Identify materials that can be used in the production of stained glass
Knows that artists create portraits, still lifes and landscapes
Works with a regard for safety
Consider designs from a range of cultures
Is familiar with the work of some famous artists
Recognise that many cultures use art in celebrations, rituals and festivals