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This project will further develop understanding and skills the pupils have previously gained. It builds upon their knowledge of materials, artist and approaches to thematic ways of working. In this unit of work pupils will develop an understanding 3dimensional sculpture, creating an imaginative piece using an old trainer as a starting point which will be developed using a wide range of materials based on the themes selected by the pupils themselves

During the project pupils will:

Use a variety of approaches when applying themselves to the theme
Create an artefact from an existing object
Be aware of the term recycled art
Produce a tonal drawing of their selected object
Collect examples of paper mache sculptures
Know what a tonal range is and apply this to their work
Use a wide range of materials
Make changes to their work as an ongoing process
Make a choice between materials to improve performance and aesthetics
Describe a piece of work by sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi
Describe a piece of work by sculptor Claes Oldenburg

Assessment objectives:

Ask simple questions about task
Answer question related to their ideas for task
Develop idea from its starting point
Use scrap book to collect pictures of objects about a specific topic
Use drawing to record observations
Talk about their work as it develops
Explore the colour tones
Collect visual material to assist in development
Identify simple process they need to develop to improve their work
Begin to apply improvements
Comment on differences in others work
Give simple reason for what they like
Use key word when describing what they did
Suggest ways they can improve their own work
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Describe different categories of art:- painting
Identify some common materials used to produce categories of art
Combine different materials within their work
Use more than one technique within a piece of work