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In this unit of work the pupils will investigate different types of weaving techniques and experiment using two simple approaches. Pupils will learn the basics in weaving techniques, initially using paper and a produced cut frame, then using wooden supports experiment with assorted materials to create a weaving Within this unit pupils will also look at how weaving is used in different cultures and will make a ‘magic eye’ from assorted wool. To extend their skills in ITC they will replicate these magic eyes using two programs – Art Revelation and Photostudio

During the project pupils will:

  • use a variety of approaches when applying themselves to the theme
  • understand the use of weaving both in artistic and wider terms
  • to work collaboratively with a group and practicing artist
  • learn different sculptural techniques and materials
  • learn simple weaving techniques
  • produce an example of weaving using paper strips
  • produce a simple woven example using cross frame – ‘Magic Eye’
  • apply weaving technique of ‘over / under’
  • use a variety of materials to develop skills in weaving techniques
  • create simple square repeated pattern using selected computer programs
  • make changes to their work as an ongoing process
  • transfer skills from one technique to another
  • make a choice between materials to improve performance and aesthetics
  • know the term weaving
  • know what a ‘Magic Eye’ looks like
  • name two garments that are woven from different materials and cultures