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Woodfield's 37th Kiva Loan made to Timor-Leste

Loan number 37 made to Olandina from Suai in Timore-Leste.


Olandina lives in a town called Suai in a country called Timore-Leste, which used to be called East Timor. Click here to see where it is. Timor-Leste is a very poor country. Olandina is taking a loan to improve her business. She is running a kiosk that helps her to generate income for her family. She will use the loan to buy stocks to keep in her store such as salt, sugar, coffee, fish, oil and slippers. She opened her kiosk a year ago with her own working capital of $200.00. Olandina is a hard working woman and she hopes to run a bigger business in the future.


 Olandina outside her kiosk

All at Woodfield hope her business grows and she can improve the lives of her family.


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