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8LM @ London Zoo

Students from 8LM enjoyed a day at London Zoo on Thursday 27th June as part of their science curriculum.


8LM together with Mr Ismail, Vicki and Nick took a school minibus to London Zoo in Regent’s Park on Thursday. All the pupils had a fantastic day, observing and learning about different animals and their behaviours as part of their science studies. Highlights of the day were watching the penguins being fed, seeing the tigers climb trees, as well as observing the animals in the African section like the giraffes, lions and zebras.

However, the 'Magic Moment of the Day' was seeing the Silverback Gorilla communicating his displeasure to Nick when he tried taking the gorilla's photo. Make sure you ask 8LM exactly what the gorilla did! They may even be able to demonstrate it for you!


8LM would like to thank all the teachers who looked after them on the visit and London Zoo for yet again being a great place to spend the day!

Click here for the photo gallery and see how many animals you can recognise!