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Woodfield makes 38th Kiva loan

This is the first loan made by the current year 9 group. 

This years' 9MM class have made their first loan on Kiva to help Santos who lives in a country called Honduras.

click here to see where Santos lives

Santos is 58 years old. He has one child who is dependent on him and his wife, who also helps him with their expenses. He lives in a community in Choluteca in southern Honduras.

For 10 years, Santos has worked at his grocery store business selling basic staples. His customers are students from the nearby school, neighbors, and friends who visit him every day. 

Santos is requesting this loan in order to purchase products for his business, like bread, soft drinks, water, sugar, coffee, rice, beans, etc. In addition, he wants to buy supplies to plant his cornfield during the off-season. 

With the support from this loan, Santos hopes to improve his earnings and his quality of life. His dreams are to get electrical power in his house and that the road will be improved. 


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