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Dodgeball v Claremont School

Woodfield played a dodgeball match against pupils from Claremont on Friday 27th Jauary

Woodfield played dodgeball against Claremont last Friday afternoon. The team included Abduraqeeb, Santino, Martell, Michael KS, Moamen, Hussein, Abdulmagid, Jerrel, Nicholas BG, Akeem and Rashaun. 

Claremont getting pounded!










The first game saw Woodfield win losing only two players. Best were Moamen and Jerrell.Woodfield then won two of the next three games to win the series 3-1.

 Moamen throws the ball

The teams then were mixed up and played three friendly games, which were great fun.

 Moamen and Akeem attacking

Thanks to Mr Mellor for organising the games. We hope to play again soon.

report by Michael KS, Moamen and photography by Conor, all of 9MM