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30th Woodfield Kiva loan made! Click for details and enter the competition!

Pupils from 9MM made the 30th Woodfield Kiva loan on Wednesday...

Woodfield pupils made their 30th Kiva loan on Wednesday, to a group of shopkeepers in Gitega, Burundi. The Tugarukire Group will use the money to help purchase stock. You can check out the details by visiting the Woodfield Kiva Page.

 Members of the Tugarukire Shopkeepers Group

Members of the Tugarukire Shopkeepers Group

Some statistics for you..

Woodfield pupils have loaned over $750 to people in over 25 countries.. The first person to email Mr Phillips with the correct list of countries will win 250 merits, or the teacher equivalent. The answers, and a whole lot more, can all be found on the Woodfield Kiva Page.