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Sports Leaders 2014

Students from 9MM were invited to Kingsbury High to help out their Sports Leaders.

Sports leaders UK Young Leader Award is a leadership programme run at Woodfield School which aims at teaching students between the ages of 9 and 13 how to lead younger children through a whole range of games and activities. It also helps builds students confidence and specific skills such as instruction giving, communication, organisation of people and equipment and the use of space. Furthermore, it also encourages co-operation and helps to develop moral and social skills.


Students of 9MM have been participating in this program and have done exceptionally well. They have completed all task successfully and obtained all skills previously mentioned. This term, these students were invited to go to Kingsbury High, where they helped other sports leaders coach primary school aged students to play such sports as tag rugby, short tennis and football. All students participated confidently and demonstrated great leadership skills.


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