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School open today, Friday 10th February. Safer Internet Week @ Woodfield.... read more here

It's the last week of half term and also Safer Internet Week at Woodfield

Safer Internet Week involves all pupils taking part in a wide range of activities to promote safe internet use at school, at home and anywhere in between. There's some activites on the E-Safety community of DBPrimary and we strongly urge parents and carers to look at this page to improve their own awareness of e-safety.

If any parents or carers need a reminder of their login details for DBPrimary, contact the school for assistance.

There are plenty of handy hints on DBPrimary for how to use the internet safely, including section on Facebook, Chat, Social Networking and Cyberbullying. In addition, we recommend parents look at the following sites for advice on keeping children safe on line, and keep scrolling down for our top 5 tips for parents.


1. Have you changed your passwords recently? Why not spend 10 minutes this week updating your accounts!

2. Keep Learning! Keep up to date with changes on Social Networks especially when it comes to privacy.

3. Know which sites your children/pupils are using & invest time in understanding them. The more you understand, the better advice you can give if they ever want to talk to you.

4. Lead by example. Do you have a positive digital footprint? It is important that everybody stays safe online, young or old.

5. Early Spring Clean! If you or your children/pupils are no longer using an online account, don't just forget about them. Make sure you delete any old accounts which are inactive.