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Year 8LJ at the Golden Hinde

8LJ visited the Golden Hinde on Friday 25th of April as part of their humanities studies.

On Friday April 25th, Mrs Langley and Vicki took 8LJ to visit the Golden Hinde replica by London Bridge. The original Golden Hinde was the ship that Sir Francis Drake and his crew used to sail around the world between 1577 and 1580, over 400 years ago.

We were taken on board and explored the inside of this amazing ship. We saw what life was like above and below deck. We learned songs that the sailors used to sing. We also did some of the jobs that children, some as young as ten years old, had to do like cleaning out the cannons and loading them ready for battle.

One very interesting fact we learned, was that the Makaton sign for  

'biscuit', came about because the sailors used to use their elbows to break the very hard biscuits that they ate on board the ship.

We really enjoyed the trip.


Thanks to Mrs Langley, Vicki and the Golden Hinde for a great day!

Click for more pictures here!