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A good day's fishing

Well done SPR! A good day's fishing.


Once again, thanks to the wonderful folks at the Masonic Trout & Salmon Fishing Association, we were invited to spend the day at Harrow School fishing for carp and bream in the lake there. (Yes, they do catch fish other than trout and salmon!)



We were blessed with fantastic weather, and as you can see from the photo’s, thanks to the expert guidance of our hosts, there were plenty of fish landed. Gurpreet caught 21 and won a trophy and the biggest fish went to Mikaylia with a 8lb monster!!!



Once again our hosts treated us to a sensational barbeque lunch with plenty of extra treats to make our day a memorable one.


All the pupils attending would like to thank our hosts, the Masonic Trout & Salmon Fishing Association and the Woodfield staff for taking them.

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