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October Half Term Sports Camp

@_Greenhouse_ and Woodfield School held an October Half Term Sports Day on Wednesday 29th October.

Woodfield School held an October Half Term Sports Day on Wednesday 29th October.  Pupils took part in a number of activities including cricket, bowling, boccia, scooters and trampolining.


Greenhouse Head Coach Dan O’Brien said “This is our second holiday programme we have delivered and the interest from pupils is growing which is fantastic, the Sport Days are also a great way to improve pupils STEP skills.”

The day started with some fun games allowing pupils to feel safe and relaxed in a new environment. Pupils had the opportunity to engage with other peers from different classes, learn new skills and to have fun.

Shortly after the games pupils played a competitive game of modified cricket to see who could score the most points, the winner was Samire with huge 85 points. The pupil’s then reenergised with snacks ready for the ‘crash matt’ ultimate racing event. Once again Samire was crowned champion.

After Lunch the pupils went outside where they could play on the scooters and trikes, pupils raced against each other and played tag games. This was a great way to engage with the pupils after lunch and improve their coordination and balance.

Woodfield Teaching Assistant Katrina Khundi said "It was great to host another half term Sports Day for pupils; most of them are bored at home so it’s great to see pupils learning new skills in an enjoyable, inclusive and safe environment”

All students who attended the Sports Day received their own Greenhouse T-Shirt and certificate for their hard work and achievements.

For more information about the programme please contact Daniel on 07951 419 382 or .

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