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The 6th Form common room gets a facelift

The Zone

During the summer holidays the common room went under some major changes after many years of being used as a classroom, facilitators room for the teaching school and when available used for 6th form learners as a social area.



To go with the new changes it has undergone an image makeover:


There is now a kitchenette where learners are able to prepare morning breakfast and refreshments, break and lunchtime snacks and when required provide tea and freshly made coffee for guests. With a new sofa bed and laundry annex, The Zone allows learners to experience independent living skills by keeping it clean and tidy.


More seating has been added to cope with the increased numbers of learners in the 6th form, creating a relaxed atmosphere especially with the addition of cubed seating and the large scale bean bags.


For that quiet time, reception chairs arranged around coffee tables allow learners to catch up with the latest news and gossip in weekly magazines such as Hello and TV Times; or for a time to chat.


For those requiring a more active time, the Zone now boasts a professional football table, wii, air hockey and a pool table, a great opportunity to spend time playing in teams or challenging Ms Moussa in the championship pool competition, currently she has only lost twice (there must be some form of cheating going on there!)


The Zone also provides a welcome space, which can host meetings, college showcases, pathway and career advice drop-ins.


All are welcome to spend time with us, grab a hot drink prepared by one of the breakfast or snack managers, sit, chat and catch up, hope to see you soon.