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No Pens Day

Wednesday 7th October 2015

No Pens Day Wednesday was created by the Communication Trust as a way to encourage teachers to abandon their pens and pencils for a whole day and use speaking and listening activities within the curriculum topics. The SALT department gave out sample lesson plans from the Communication Trust website, where other teachers have been uploading their own plans and resources.



Many of the teachers had really lovely imaginative ideas which they introduced in their classes. For example Miss Katy in her science class on the topic of materials asked her class to find metal, plastic and wooden objects around the school. In Humanities with year 9, Mr Hunt’s class made gruel and talked about the Victorian times when the people in the work house used to eat gruel. 6th Form had a French themed day and all their activities throughout the day linked in with this theme. For example ordering food from a French Cafe using French vocabulary.


The day was enjoyed by all. One student even asked if he could have No Pens Day Wednesday every week.

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