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Woburn Safari Park

We set off in search of lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

The three Base Classes in The Lodge (KHE, LMU and SDE) all went on safari as part of their learning of The Jungle Book in English and The Rainforest in Humanities.

We set off in search of lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

The first animal we saw was a beautiful old elephant as we entered the safari park.

Once the busses were parked we all split up into smaller groups and had a walk around the foot safari. We saw wallabies, penguins, beautiful big birds called ostriches and emus and there was even a gang of meerkats all grouped together minding their own business.


We then jumped back onto the bus and set off in search of the bigger animals.

We quietly drove past a family of gigantic rhinos which I think a few of the teachers were a little scared of.

We saw elegant giraffes eating leaves off the tallest trees. And in the distance a herd of wildebeest were grazing in the fields.

Then we entered the lion and tiger zone. There was a handsomely striped tiger wondering very close to the minibuses, but it was OK because the park ranger was close by. We saw big hairy bears sleeping in the trees and then a pride of lions washing their faces and protecting their cubs.

The most exciting part of the trip was when we entered the monkey zone. The little cheeky monkeys were not afraid to jump on our bus and say hello through the windows. We even saw a mother monkey carrying her baby on her back!

Once we had driven around the safari and seen all the amazing animals, we had a lunch break and a rest from all the excitement.

After lunch we were lucky enough to use the indoor play area and have a great time whizzing up and down the slides. Only the bravest conquered the scary drop slide! Even some of the teachers had a go!  But all in all, we had a fantastic day out and returned to school with big smiles and happy memories.

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