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Mr O'Brien Won Player of the Tournament!

Well done to Mr O'Brien for winning Player of the Tournament! A great achievement.

Just an update to say Great Britain finished 9th ​out of 18​ teams overall at the Oztag World Cup 2015 with Australia​ deservedly​ ​finishing in their rightful place as World C​hampions​ once again​. ​



The ​Great Britain​ team​ won 3 ​of their 6 games​,​ beating Fiji, Malta and Cambodia, ​but were very unfortunate​ not​ to make the quarter finals​,​ missing out by one place​ following two one point losses​.



Mr O'Brien said "​It was a fantastic opportunity to represent my country and compete against the very best athletes on the world stage​.​" ​Unfortunately ​Mr O'Brien could not bring home the gold​ medal​​ he promised​ ​us. However he did win​ the "Player of the ​Tournament" ​award for the Great Britain team. He was awarded a ​plaque which he ​cannot wait to show pupils when he returns back to school.



Mr O’Brien showing off his Player of the Tournament trophy.

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