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Woodfield Market Day

Wednesday 25th May was Market Day at Woodfield.


Key Stage 3 pupils have been working since before easter on their plans for Market Day. Each tutor group set up a mini enterprise which culminated in today's market.


There were:

Plant Stalls (KHE), Puppet Shows (LMU & SDE), Scented Candles (SHU), Popcorn (SLO) Cupcakes (ADU), Smoothies (CNA, the most popular stall I think, judging by the queues), Air Fresheners (LJE) and an Ice Cream Parlour (ICR).



The all the goods were either hand made or mostly hand made.


All pupils and many, many parents and friends attended, and although we are not sure how much profits was made, all the tills were bulging by the end of the market!

Well done to all Key Stage 3 tutor groups and thanks to everyone who came along!