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A day in the life of a Work Experience Intern

A day in the life of a Work Experience Intern (a story by Year 14 student Daniel KB)

13th March 2017

My name is Daniel and I am a year 14 student (I know! One of the oldies.)  As I am due to leave school this summer, I have been given the wonderful opportunity of working with Miss Lucy in Catering as her assistant.  



I already work in catering 1 day a week as part of my Vocational Education course, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to experience life on the other side of the classroom.  

On a Monday, I work with year 11’s for a double lesson, helping them with their work. At the moment, I am helping as a 1:1 with one particular student, we work together so he stays on task.  He enjoys me helping him and I get the experience of being in a classroom.  The student has developed his concentration skills and I enjoy being a good role model for him and the others in the class.  

My favourite thing is helping Miss Lucy with the different jobs she gives me to do. Apart from helping the students, I have to help keep the room tidy and do certain jobs like washing up and sweeping.  

At the end of the lesson, we get to take the food that we have made that day.  Today, we made a chicken pie.  Miss Lucy and David helped me to prepare the sauce which we were all allowed to taste.  It was delicious!  

The best part of work experience is that I get to help educate others and pass on my knowledge that I have already learnt.  

Work experience rocks!