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Letter from Mr Cooper

Latest guidance from Woodfield

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                           16 March 2020

With the government giving guidance around people staying at home if they have a cough and a temperature above 37.8°. The school is following Public Health England guidelines in requiring students to self-isolate, this means pupils will have to stay at home for 7 days and self-isolate as best as possible (remaining mindful of other members of the family who may be vulnerable).

For any absence, a phone call must be made to the school the day before the child’s return for this to be approved. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school for guidance and support. If you have any concerns about your child's health and vulnerabilities in attending school then I would completely understand your decision to keep your child at home without further repercussions. 

There are detailed measures taking place in school as we consider the needs and vulnerabilities of your children. At this point, we cannot close the school without Public Health guidance (apart from in the case of staff shortage and local outbreaks), however we strongly recommend careful consideration as government guidance is general and not necessarily personalised to each school's individual circumstances. Any planned trips will be individually risk assessed to confirm that all pupils and staff are safe. 

Should you choose to keep your child at home, we would understand that decision and look at how we can support your child with homework, if applicable. I can only reiterate the staff’s incredible commitment to your young people both for their learning and as a supportive community. They are going above and beyond to put all of the containment advice into daily routine, whilst carefully considering the additional anxiety some of our pupils may have already.

The following website is giving away free access to its lessons and resources for parents, teachers and carers during this difficult time. We will make more resources available to you as and when we bring them on line.

Kind Regards 

Nick Cooper