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Covid Update 26th February 2021

The updated plan for the return to 100% on site education in Spring Term has been released.

The letter sent out today from Mr Cooper

26th February 2021

I am sure you have all read, or heard, about the Government directive for all pupils to return to school for on-site education from Monday 8th March. I shared our proposed plan for this half term with you before we broke up, however there are going to be some adjustments to this plan to ensure that we get all pupils back to school as quickly and safely as possible. 

The infection rate in Brent has declined drastically over the past few weeks and we are returning towards a figure nearer to where we were in September, when all pupils returned after the previous lockdown. With the addition of Asymptomatic Testing being rolled out, I think this strengthens the case for getting all pupils back to school. 

However, for the testing to be worthwhile in helping control the spread of the virus, it needs to be carried out safely. A thorough process has to be followed to ensure the tests are as accurate as can be and to protect the staff team running the testing and for those taking the test. It is time consuming. Therefore, we are going to continue with the plan for the first 3 weeks of the term, each class group offered one week on site during that three week cycle to ensure that all those pupils, that consent has been given for, are able to be tested and feel safe with the testing process.

With the initial testing cycle complete by Friday 12th March, we are expecting to have all pupils back in school full-time on Monday 15th March. We will return to class based learning with form tutors leading on all subject areas as they were in the Autumn Term. For pupils who have received shielding notifications from the NHS, we will continue to provide on line support and lessons.

To ensure that the teaching staff are able to have the required planning and preparation time, we will continue with current times for the school day (i.e. finish  at 2:15 pm daily). 

The virus is still with us and at this point in time I don't want to compromise the fantastic work that families, communities and staff have done to keep us all safe during these most challenging of times by altering arrangements that we know are successful.

I will of course keep you fully informed of any further plans in due course.


Nick Cooper

The tutor groups and the weeks they are rostered on site are below:

Week commencing Woodfield 1 Bubble Woodfield 2 Bubble Woodfield 3 Bubble
Monday 8th Feb ICR JEM, LUC  
Monday 22nd Feb CPA, LMU JMO, SMA, SLO AKE, SHE
Monday 1st March RSI, SWE JEM, MME, MDE ALI, HLE (SDE)
Monday 8th March SWE, DGO,MWD SHU,RAH, LUC AKM
Monday 15th March All students back on site

Parents and carers can also complete the consent for testing form for your child, if you have not done so already. If you have any questions regarding this program, please speak to your child's form tutor, or contact the office in the usual manner.