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Children's Mental Health Week

Children's mental health week, 7-13 February 2022

Children's mental health week is happening next week and the theme this year is 'growing together'. click the logo below to find out more.


Classes have been encouraged to plant seeds to represent the theme of growth from packs of rare, heritage Latvian Soup Pea seeds we've saved during KS3 Horticulture classes: Time to Grow

You will need some pea seeds, and a pot to grow them in.

  • Talk to the children about what the seeds might be – what will they grow into?
  • What will they need to help them to grow? (water, light, warmth)
  • Can they think about how long it might take before they see any growth?
  • Do they know how tall they might grow? What might they look like?
  • Ask the children to take a photo of, or draw, how the seeds grow and change every day.

Discussion points:

  • We can’t always see growth immediately – sometimes it is very slow.
  • We don’t always notice that something is growing – but it is.
  • Things can grow in unexpected ways.

 Link these discussion points to our personal growth. For example, has it ever taken them longer to learn a new skill than their siblings or classmates? Have they ever had the experience of thinking they are getting nowhere and then all of a sudden things ‘click into place’? Do they have a talent that few people know about? (Think fun stuff - like being able to stand on their head, finger knitting, or rolling their tongue etc!)

Happy Growing!! Aletheia - Horticulture