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Teachers Trip to Egypt.... All the latest

Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien are in Egypt this week!


This week, Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien are visiting a secondary school in Cairo Egypt to share their expertise  and build another partnership with an overseas school. They will be working with the staff to help to improve the PE at the school, as well as assist the school with bulding a new website and online presence. As soon as Mr Talbot emails the name of the school, we will let you know what it is, and show you it's whereabouts on a map.

The school has a small concrete playground and they concentrate on 4 sports; basketball, handball, volleyball and some gymnastics.

This is a picture Mr Talbot took in Cairo. Can you guess the name of the river?

This picture shows Miss O'Brien teaching some basketball skills.

Stay tuned for more over the course of this week and make sure you ask Mr Talbot and Ms O'Brien about their trip on their return. Mr Talbot has apparently spent a lot of time riding donkeys. He can't wait to let us know about it!