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Egypt Trip.. Tuesday Update

All the latest from Mr Talbot and Miss O'Briens visit to Egypt

Miss O'Brien & Mr Talbot visited their school again this morning setting off at 7.15am through the mad traffic of Cairo. There are at times three lanes which have six lanes of cars, no one stops, no one lets anyone in and they leave no space between bumpers - all cars have dents and bumps! We have seen mini buses like the ones at Woodfield with over 40 people in them, motorbikes with five people riding on them as well as donkeys pulling carts. We have seen some traffic lights but no one bothers with them. Petrol costs £6.00 for 30 litres, no car tax, MOT or insurance required as far as we can ascertain.

This picture is of Mr Talbot going to work.

In school we had a school tour only after we had to eat more cakes!
We saw Arabic lessons, English, French & German lessons. Two girls were being taught Christianity in what the school calls 'the fridge', a very small room. We visited Science labs, Food Tech and the library as well as the ICT room where Maths was also taught.
Yesterday Miss O'B taught a basketball and handball lesson and Mr T taught an art lesson on proportion
Today Mr T taught rugby skills and played touch rugby afterwards Miss O.B introduced the girls to dodgeball, they called it 'fish hunting'! They were very good and would beat Woodfield in a game.
Later on today were are visiting sports centres to find out what facilities they have, are they going to be as good as Vale Farm, find out more later.