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Wednesday in Cairo..... is Mr Talbot back on his donkey?

Here's what Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien have been up to today.....

Today, Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien continued to work at the El Selehdar Prep and Secondary School for Girls, as well as visiting a local sports centre (like Vale Farm, where  you visit with Mr Mellor).

There is a new photo album available to look at by clicking here. More photo's will be added as they come in so keep checking back too look for more!

Here is a picture of the head teacher working at her desk!

and here is Miss O'Brien with a PE class. Mr Talbot looks like he is searching for his donkey again!!!!!

and here is a video showing you how the pupils in Egypt start their school day. Is it different from Woodfield? ....and can anyone name their marching song?